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Redistricting Reform:
Restoring Voter Choice & Accountability

The Problem
Currently, North Carolina’s state legislators have the power and responsibility to draw Legislative and Congressional districts. Vigorous partisan abuse has characterized the redistricting process and lawmakers have used their power to ensure that most seats are safe, incumbents are practically guaranteed winners long before Election Day, and opposition candidates rarely run because of the impossibility of winning.

The partisan redistricting process allows legislators to carve up communities and cities across the state, weakening the ability of North Carolina communities and individuals to hold their elected officials accountable, the cornerstone of democracy.

Partisan redistricting leads to:

  • Limited voter choice
  • Lack of voter accountability
  • Divided communities & neighborhoods
  • Disengaged citizens who lose confidence in their government

In this past election cycle, half of the state’s legislative races went uncontested, 63 out of the 120 House races and 22 out of the 50 Senate races, because potential challengers know they can’t win in districts draw to elect the incumbent.

The Solution: An Independent Redistricting Commission
North Carolina needs an Independent Redistricting Commission made up of qualified citizens to ensure independence, partisan balance, and fairness in the redistricting process.

The Commission would draw districts to comply with Census data, our constitution, the Voting Rights Act, and preserve communities of interest.

This idea is not new: Twelve states already have Independent Redistricting Commissions and several more are considering initiatives and bills this year.

The Result
More voter choice. More voter accountability. More diversity. More representation.

Instead of politicians choosing their voters, voters will choose their politicians.


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